OMG! We Have Rats!

​​YOU can deal with these pests using readily available traps, poisons or other remedies. However; ​you must be watchful for rat poison symptoms in cats and dogs. Also be extremely careful to keep traps, baits and poisons out of the reach of young children. DIY pest control can save YOU a ton of money, exterminators are not cheap. Join our mailing list for weekly tips dealing with the in season critters.  

Rat Trap


All kinds of traps are useful, pick the type which best suits your individual sensibilities.  



​Poisons come in liquid and solid form. Use with extreme caution around children and pets.  



​Electronic solutions are almost exclusively sonic deterrents. Do they work; some say yes others no.  


Home Recipes

​Some home cooking is for the mouse instead of the man. ​We found several cyber space recipes..​

​​Can I Do My Own Pest Control?

​The "Can I do my own pest control?" is a common question raised when looking to save money in a tight budget, or perhaps after seeing a mouseketeer. ​Yes, and it may even save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Doing the self inspection may even find other parts of your home in need of repair before things fail causing much more expensive damage. CLick the "Learn More" button for more information.

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