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The best pest control practices start with a strong prevention plan.  A pest control plan must include cleanliness, reducing access to food, water and shelter can end the risk of infestation. The following are action steps you can immediately take to control a current or prevent a future vermin infestation.

These are aimed at ant control, roach control and rodent control as these are the most common vermin but they are effective against all types. The kitchen is our primary target however, similar action can be taken where ever vermin are observed. Quick action is best, these measures are effective in both preventive and corrective instances;

  • Eliminate sources of food or water. Place food in air tight containers or dispose of it. Items which can be should be in the refrigerator. Wipe all sinks and drain boards to remove excess moisture.
  • Feed pets outside if possible. In addition, whether in or out, place the pet’s food bowl inside a shallow dish or pan filled with water. If vermin, especially ants, attempt to reach the pet food they drown in the water.
  • Clean counters, splash boards, cabinets, sinks, windowsills and any other area you observed vermin in. Most vermin leave a scent trail so others can find the food and water, this is what you are removing.
  • Pour white vinegar on a damp cloth and wipe down the entire area you cleaned, the vinegar completely destroys any remaining evidence of the scent trail. You may use bleach if you wish.
  • Thoroughly sweep the floors then mop the floors with a strong detergent mixture. Finish up mopping the entire floor with a strong white vinegar or bleach and water solution to wipe out all possible scent trails.
  • Thoroughly vacuum any carpeted areas where food has been consumed, applying a strong deodorizer can also be beneficial.7.Dispose of trash and garbage daily, clean the waste container with a strong bleach or white vinegar solution.

If prevention has failed it is important to take corrective action quickly, delays allow the infestation to expand. Find the section below which targets the pest you are dealing with for specific identification and action information.

Modern Pest Control for ​Ants

Ants Feed the Queen

Ants are found in every climate; from the arctic to the tropics, the mountains to the seashores, in the wettest regions or the driest deserts. Over 14,000 ant species are known to exist, most are found in the tropics.

Scientists estimate the total mass of ants is almost equal to the total mass of people. How is this possible? They estimate for every living person there are roughly 2 million living ants.

Thankfully only a small minority of these critters attempt to share habitat with humanity, controlling these is our focus.

Ants are social insects; they live in colonies. These colonies are organized according to a caste system including queens, fertile males and workers.

Ant colonies are referred to as nests, a primary task in eliminating an ant problem is to destroy the Queen in her nest. The location and type of nest depends on the species of ant; we will cover this with the ant types.

Before you can make an effective action plant to control an ant infestation the type of ant must be determined. Carpenter Ants, Red or Fire Ants and "Sugar Ants" are the most common, listed are natural and chemical methods of eradicating them.

Access the "Ant Identification Page" here or through the "Ants" menu link.

Below is a Carpenter Ant, similar photos are on the identification page.

carpenter Ant

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