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I am your host, Bill Gough.


At Verminology.com you will get straight information about current methods of controlling the vermin in your life. Yes, there are plenty of ways you can run these fowl rodents out of your house, from live traps to snap traps or even electronics. The choice is yours. I want to show you how to save money by doing this yourself however, it is better to call an exterminator if you feel you can’t do what is necessary. This site aims to help you, decide which path is better for you.

That was me when I was young and ugly. ====>

Now I am old and handsome.

Who is Bill Gough?

A crusty aging retired BMC whose career lasted from Nov 28, 1977 until Dec 30, 2000, 17 years old going in and 40 when leaving. Having been a rowdy heathen neither mother nor father had much control over you can safely say, I grew up in the US Navy. I still miss the comradeship of the Navy, almost 18 years after retiring.

I currently live in the Philippines with Rose, my asawa (wife) of 29 years and two children 19 and 12 years old. Yes, the 12 year old was an unplanned gift we are glad to have. This is not however, where I landed upon retirement.

With a tad bit of national wanderlust left I spent 10 years driving trucks across the USA, plus most of 2004 in the middle east. Wanted to do that since I was a young boy and an uncle hauled me around in his truck as much as possible. Spent most of this road time in this red chariot.

Dry Bulk Truck

The law requires a driver to have about 10 hours of downtime everyday, I spent a good part of that on the internet researching how to make money. Wanted to get some of that so called “Laptop Lifestyle” going once I quit driving. Did not make much progress then but, got an extremely well honed education in spotting scamology at work.


This site exists for a single purpose, to help YOU clear the rodents from your residence and life. No one should have to live with mice much less rats. Rats are harder to trap than mice, one must take great care to insure to follow the instructions for the method you choose.

If you ever have questions, feel free to contact me via the email below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Bill Gough

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