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At Verminology.com we find ways to kill or run off the vermin in your life.

We follow trends to find all the latest gadgets. Detail the long proven tools and dig deep for home remedies. The answer for your problem could be under development or in some old book of potions and fixes.

I live in the Philippines where the weather is fine year round and vermin are plentiful. My house is in the middle of dozens rice paddies full of critters. The result of which is a continual battle to keep the boogers out of the house.

It is a constant battle but, so far I am winning.

Who is Bill Gough?

A retired US Navy Chief Petty Officer whose career lasted from Nov 28, 1977 until Dec 30, 2000. I was 17 years old going in and 40 when leaving. Having been a rowdy heathen neither mother nor father had much control over one can say, I grew up in the US Navy. I still miss the comradeship of the Navy today, almost 19 years after retiring.Chief Gough

That over there is me when I was young and ugly, now I am old and handsome. ===>

I have two children 20 and 13 years old, my wife of 30 years lost her 14 month battle with breast cancer Jun 14, 2019. We miss her but, she was a fighter and would want us to keep slogging along rather than wallow in misery. This is not where I landed upon retirement from the service.

With a bit of wanderlust left I spent about 10 years driving trucks across the USA, plus most of 2004 in the middle east. Wanted to do this since I was a young boy and an uncle hauled me around in his truck as much as possible. Seeing as much of this world as I have then going home and seeing all 50 states as well was satisfying. Below is my chariot for most of those trucking years;

Finally we, the wife and I, decided it was time for me to retire. I now enjoy spending the bulk of my time my family. The global and domestic USA wandering were interesting; this is fun.

The Goal of This Site?

This site exists for a single purpose, to help YOU take control and get rid of the creepy crawlies in your life. The options are many and varied, we will present different remedies for you to choose from. Our site will cover;

1. Traps; Live, Electronic Zappers, Snappers and Home Made.
2. Commercial Baits and Poisons.
3. Home Remedies.
4. All available types of Deterrents.

The last thing I want is to do is leave you without an option. I understand both those who want to do this with expedience and those who want to do the humane thing.

Should you have a specific option not covered but need more information reach out to us on the contact page. We are here to serve you.

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